moonA Super Moon is when the Full Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun, and is also at its closest point to Earth due to the Earth’s rotation. The concept of a “Super Moon” was coined by Richard Nolle, an Astrologer who first came up with the term about 30 years ago! It’s when the Moon is about 16,000 miles closer to the Earth than normal. There is however a size difference, and according to astronomers, the November 16th Super Full Moon will be the closest and brightest Full Moon since 1948. And then the Moon won’t be as close to the Earth as it is now until November 25, 2034!

As a brilliant light exposes where you are in alignment with your highest values…To love what arises within you, and what is rising up in the world during this powerful time of release and transformation.
To align with your true values…And your true self. (Melanie Beckler: Nov 12, 16)

Every day, I think…  What am I “all” about? Who do I serve and what are they about? I have done the work to align my personal and professional life so I’m no longer one person here and another person there at “work.” My true values are authenticity, compassion, community and education. I bring those values to my everyday life by helping others. I believe that getting things done is all about relationships. “Let’s get to work” is about community and working together in collaboration. I have an expertise you could use that encourages learning and local personal coaching. Together, we can reach new heights in compliance, employment laws and regulations, strategy and human resource management while aligning the workforce.

People often ask me, “What is HR, what is human resources?” Some think its payroll or benefit administration or filing I9’s but it can give so much more. I know how HR can add value to an organization. Think about this…a Super Moon is when the full Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun. HR is when the people of the organization are in direct alignment with the organization’s goals. HR service that has a true purpose in the organization’s overall strategy comes with added value. That’s super!

I work with organizations to provide human resource services while aligning those services to what they are working to accomplish as an organization.  As the brilliant light of the Super Moon exposes where you are in alignment with your highest values, so rises up in the world. Align with your true values…and your true self. Align your organizational structure with strategy, light up your organization and its people…and you will be super too!