Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!

What a wonderful time of year it is. The snow is falling and the holiday lights are shining. People are busy decorating their homes, cooking traditional dinners and finding the perfect gifts.

I’ve been reflecting on my work and the connections I’ve made during the past year.  There has been a lot of thought about the year(s) ahead. I’ve chatted with clients, completed SWOTs and PESTs and updated my business plan with renewed goals that are aligned with my core values.  I believe it is so important for people to be authentic to their values and beliefs as these are their “perfect gifts.”

Are your values aligned with your work? I realize that I am doing the WORK that I do and love because of my values. I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level.  I like taking a genuine interest in them, their inherent talents and what makes them tick (and why they work?) We give many gifts during the holiday season.  I ask you, “What are your true gifts to give?” Our true gifts are our knowledge, talents and skills. Are you giving to others and to your work, your true gifts?

I would like to give “my true gifts” to those who could benefit from my unique skills and talents helping them to be the best they can be while achieving their goals. Here’s to getting to know you professionally and personally this year. May we achieve great things together and for the organizations in which you work and the communities in which you live and play!

“Wishing you all the best this holiday season!” Suzanne