My Story

I’m the youngest of four with parents that were very involved in community, family and their jobs.  I learned to “work hard” and “play hard” primarily from my father. He worked the 11pm-7am shift for 35 years on the railroad and came home for a nap before taking on the day as an “entrepreneur.” He shared two businesses with our family; a home-based ski shop along with a ski tow operation in Quincy MA. He was the operations/sales and marketing manager and my mother was the human resources/finance/marketing director. Observing their values, I took away the concept of business ownership, excellent customer service and a high regard for community and education.

Turning my sights to business school, I learned about human resource management and leadership along with sales and marketing. I landed my first job as an office manager with all the responsibilities of personnel for a national steel distributor. That’s correct, I said “personnel” as “human resources” was a new term in the business world and nothing like what it is known for today.  During the next 10 years, I became a self-proclaimed fan of change management as not only my field was rapidly changing but so was the landscape of women in business.

Early in my career, I was entrenched in a graduate level Human Resources Management program at Rensselaer. During which time, I was fully involved with strategic human resource planning, change management and succession planning in my HR role on the regional bank’s merger & acquisition team.  I was recruited by Waste Management to become part of their new Business Partner initiative having HR professionals out in the field working side by side with site management. It was an exciting time with many new programs including company-wide employee surveys, 360 feedback sessions, strategic action planning and union shop takeovers. I realized then how important my strategic thoughts were and how I was able to work with managers as a business partner to make HR a valued function in the overall strategic organizational plan.

The stresses of corporate life were taking their toll, I went through my fair share of successes and disappointments. What I was beginning to realize was that I had turned myself into an “entrepreneur”. It was time to put all those change management theories into my personal life. I began my human resource consulting business and through my travels experienced teaching business courses at Quincy College, Southern Maine Community College and University of Southern Maine.

I was glad to have the experience of running a business in which I enjoyed the freedom, profits and challenges of being my own boss but something was missing. Losing parents and loved ones really makes you think about life. I realized that I was really missing one thing in my life. And that was working as a human resources professional in the business community.

I am thrilled to be bringing back my human resources consulting business into my life! My desire is to work together and partner with individuals and organizations to grow our communities, workforce and economy! I’m excited about what I have to offer people, HR professionals and organizations; a strategic action program that reaches goals. I ask you to contact me today to start the conversation about reaching your goals.


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