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Aligning HR & Organizational Strategy
Formulation, Development, Implementation & Evaluation
Structure of HR Function
Organizational Effectiveness & Development
Workforce Management

Workplace & Compliance

HR Audits
Diversity & Inclusion
Policies & Procedures
Risk Management
Employee Complaint Investigation
Social Responsibility
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits
Employment Law and Regulations


Talent Acquisition, Planning & Retention
Strategic Recruitment Support
Candidate Selection Assessment
Interview Guides
Employee On-boarding
Orientation Programs
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning

People Management & Development

Job Analysis & Job Descriptions
Internal Job Evaluation
External Market Pricing
Performance Management Systems
Training Design, Development, Delivery & Evaluation
Compensation Analysis & Design
Total Rewards
Employee Engagement
Organizational & Employee Surveys / Feedback

What level of HR Service do you need?

Levels of HR Service

Chief HR officer
As your CHRO, I will direct and contributes to HR initiatives and processes.

HR Vice President
As your HRVP, I will manage the HR function directing and contributing to initiatives and processes. Offering leadership and navigation with a focus on strategic plan supporting organizational mission, vision, and values.

HR Director
As your HR Director, I will oversee the HR professional(s) providing guidance with human resource and organizational planning.

HR Specialist
As your HR Specialist, I will manage a small group of functions combined with a needs assessment; i.e. HR benefits and compensation specialist.

HR Manager
As your HR Manager, I will be your HR generalist; overseeing & managing other position(s) of the HR functional areas while managing interactions to provide services and support to the organization.

HR Coordinator
As your HR Coordinator, I’ll work in a generalist role with various other individuals in the HR function or managers; but not at the manager level. Working together with the team to get the job done efficiently and effectively!

HR Mentor
In today’s highly competitive business world, having a mentor can signify the difference between success and failure. For anyone seeking professional growth, mentors may be one of the most valuable resources you can tap into to provide guidance, advice, support, strategic feedback, and often a fresh perspective to an issue.

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